I’ve evolved into a Lungfish…

This blog isn’t really the place to promote me and my work, so I’ll keep this kind of brief.

If you’re observant, you might have noticed that I’ve started a new marketing copywriting company, called Lungfish.

It’s a bit of a departure for me.

Not just literally, after many extremely happy years at the John Knowles Company (I’m delighted to still be working closely with John and his excellent team and clients), but also terms of the way I’m focusing our services.

What Lungfish does:

Copywriting – for websites, press releases, blogs, newsletters, scripts, email shots, anything marketing. We’ll strike a great tone of voice find the angle to make things interesting.

Consultancy – if you need some guidance on fitting the pieces of the marketing jigsaw together, to take a different, creative approach, or just to bounce some ideas around.

Coaching – we can work one-to-one, to improve your own writing skills, or give high-level guidance to junior marketing or creative staff.

What Lungfish doesn’t do:

Public relations – we’ll write you a cracking press release, and we like to work with PR agencies, but we’re not one. There are plenty of excellent agencies and freelancers doing that already.

Search engine optimisation – we can turn your keyword strategy into great, engaging web copy, but we won’t devise that strategy for you (if you need that, I know good people).

Design – We can come up with ideas, and words to fit into designs, but Lungfish doesn’t offer design services. Again, I can recommend excellent people if you need that.

…I hope that clears things up.

Oh, and we have particular experience in technical, industrial, public sector and B2B work.

At the risk of doing the Oscars speech bit, I’ve received encouragement, advice and support from a whole bunch of people in starting this company. So, thanks to: Aren Grimshaw (now doing his thing at Enigin plc), John Knowles, Fiona Campbell-Howes of Radix Communications, Ben Heppenstall of Arobaze, Rob and Andrea Edlin at Niddocks, Toby Parkins from UKNetWeb and Headforwards, Stafford Sumner from Jarrang, Stephen Dash, Nick Eyriey at Business Cornwall, Lynn File of Brand Innovation, Tegwen Tucker, Pete Owen of Rat Race Cycles, We Do So Marketing rock star Jo Downie, Shelley Fletcher at Firegrass Communications, Gareth Marsh of Bang and Smash, Deborah Edwards from Harland Accountants, Martin Lloyd at Greenpeace and many others who – whether they knew it or not – have been instrumental, inspirational or just plain wise. You know who you are (and if it all goes wrong, it’s your fault…).

Even when you spend all day advising others on business, it’s tricky to be confident in your own decisions. So thanks for putting up with my wibbling.

Right, advert over. Back to the bloggage…


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