Lungfish Cup 2014: The Challenge

Imagine dozens of local business people, blasting each other to bits with laser guns… all in the name of Children In Need. 

Yep; the Lungfish Cup is back, and it’s tonight. We sent out a video challenge (below) and business have responded in their droves.

So we’re looking forward to seeing representatives from (among others) Pixel Rain, Zammerchat, TRAC Services, SW Electrical Solutions, Aurumtech IT, Leopard Print, The John Knowles Company, Unlocking Potential and Superfast Cornwall

…and we’re looking forward to kicking your arses. Again.

NB: We do have space for more players on a couple of the teams – so if you’re in business and you want to wage war in the name of charity, come on down to Bombadingas, Wilson Way, Pool, 6.30pm for 7pm start.

(And drop us a line at or on the Twitter to let us know you’ll be there, too!)

…Alternatively, if you can’t make it but would like to donate anyway, there’s always the event’s JustGiving page. Thanks.


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