The rumours are true…

I’m excited (and a little nervous) to confirm that from Tuesday 1st December 2015, Lungfish will become part of Radix Communications.

Obviously, that’s kind of a big deal for me. To all intents and purposes, I’ve been Mr Lungfish for the last three years. The thought of letting the brand go provokes all kinds of funny feelings.


Goodbye, old friend…

But not all about me. It’s pretty big for our sector, and (I hope) for Cornwall, too. This new Radix beast we’re making is bigger and furrier than any dedicated B2B copywriting agency we can think of. Continue reading


Lungfish Cup 2014: The Challenge

Imagine dozens of local business people, blasting each other to bits with laser guns… all in the name of Children In Need. 

Yep; the Lungfish Cup is back, and it’s tonight. We sent out a video challenge (below) and business have responded in their droves. Continue reading