My Work

Between rants on this site, I run Lungfish.

We help businesses to spot, and convey, the messages which will make them successful.

No. That’s clear as mud. What I mean is…

We do WORDS. Really good ones. For newsletters, blogs, press releases, ebooks, websites, adverts, you name it. And we help you decide what to write about – when, where and how – to get the results you’re looking for.

We help web agencies and designers to provide words for their clients, too. So projects aren’t held up or let down by slow, stinky, inappropriate copy.

Incidentally, in case you’re interested, I believe there are currently four things a good marketing copywriter needs to deliver. Ideally, all at once…

1. Storytelling

What’s exciting about your business? Does your customer care enough to read?

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing an ebook, a press release or a good old-fashioned ad, you’re wasting your time if you’ve nothing interesting to say.

Don’t despair. I’ve been making boring subjects exciting for more than a decade. Between us, we’ll discover stories to capture the imagination and keep your audience engaged.

2. Tone of voice

What you say to your customers is important; how you say it is critical.

Just as your brand needs to look great, sounding right – appropriate to your market, audience and position – is essential if you’re going to be taken seriously.

Rudolph Valetino was a heartthrob until he spoke. When talking movies came, his voice didn’t fit. It cost him his career*. What impression does your voice make?

3. Search engine awareness

Sooner or later, most marketing copy finds its way online.

Any business writer should know how to read a search engine strategy, and work keywords into your copy – in fact, into your brand’s day-to-day vocabulary – almost without the reader noticing.

I’m not going to tell you what the target search terms are for this page. But they’re here.

4. Marketing strategy

To mangle Sun Tzu, don’t even bother with tactics unless you’ve got your strategy sorted.

A copywriter who follows your brief is great. One who understands what the work’s trying to achieve, and why, is better. The copy gets fine-tuned, and you get ideas that add value and bring your goals so much closer.

Happily, alongside the writing, I do a nice line in marketing strategy and advice. The two go together rather well.

…So, that’s what we do. Want to know more? By all means drop me a line.

* Slight fib: the thing about Valentino isn’t actually true. But people believe it, and it makes the point nicely.


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